A Red Lip

Everyone needs a red lip in their make-up arsenal. My favorite is a lip gloss. It's current, modern and not easily overdone. A hard, matte red lip can be aging, but a red tint or gloss is fresh and youthful. My current favorite red is "Hot Mama" by Bare Essentials. It's a true red gloss that has blue overtones which look best on my fair, cool-colored skin.

If you are a "Winter" color palette like me, stick with true reds or blue-reds. If you have warm or golden overtones in your complexion, try an orange-red or even a bright coral for Spring.

When wearing a red lip, I keep my eye make up minimal - liner and mascara on upper eyelids only. I wear a tinted moisturizer, a little blush, and I always make sure that my brows are shaped and contoured.