10-item Wardrobe

No one has taught me more about the 10 item wardrobe than Jennifer Scott at The Daily Connoisseur. The lessons I have learned from her have forever changed the way I view clothing and dressing. Please check out her new fabulous book, "Lessons from Madame Chic".  It's chock full of wonderful tips for embracing life's simple pleasures and taking a cue from the French in dressing and many other manners of life.

In my quest for a minimalist life, I have learned that it looks different for each person as does the 10-item wardrobe. It is not a specific number of items but rather a loose concept to guide and inspire you.

The capsule wardrobe concept is based around having a few key pieces with versatility to mix and match in your closet to create multiple looks. Since we wear 20% of our clothing, 80% of the time, it makes sense to choose only the items that you love and wear often. When we maintain this type of minimal wardrobe it frees up space in our closets and our minds because we don't have to agonize over what to wear daily.

I like to purchase the highest quality of clothing that my budget allows. Many times, great pieces can be found in consignment and thrift stores or trading websites. It requires knowing exactly what you are looking for and taking your wardrobe plan with you when you shop - that way you aren't wasting time aimlessly browsing from store to store.

When I traveled to Israel over 5 years ago to volunteer at the Christian Embassy, I remember my fellow workers being in awe over the amount of clothing I owned. Just about every day I had on a different outfit whereas they rotated the same clothing each week. I wish I knew then what I know now, how freeing it is to live with a capsule wardrobe. To know each and every piece of clothing I own and to not be defined by it or how much it costs. Living amongst the truly simple taught me that not only do Americans have an abundance of stuff and choices, but that it is squashing our identities and creativity. Be free and let go of those overstuffed closets. You will be glad you did!

Next week, I will give my 10 step process for culling your closet, so stay tuned. Should you decide you want me to personally walk you through the process, I'm available for that as well. Email me: lgthomas@mac.com to schedule an appointment for the Birmingham, Alabama area.