10 reasons why I use the 10-item wardrobe

  1. It saves me time in the mornings. It literally takes me 20 seconds to dress. I timed it.  :)
  2. It takes the focus off material things and causes me to evaluate every potential purchase. 
  3. I don't shop all the time, but do it strategically using my wardrobe plan.
  4. It's better for the environment because I'm consuming less material goods and taking better care of the ones I do have. 
  5. It saves money because I'm strategic with my spending. 
  6. It offers more flexibility because I make pieces do double or triple-duty by wearing them 2 or 3 seasons out of the year. 
  7. It's a fun challenge to see how many outfits I can create from my wardrobe. 
  8. It teaches me gratitude and to appreciate the clothing I have.
  9. It's been a good influence on my family and even my husband has implemented it. 
  10. It has freed me from many perfectionist tendencies and focusing too much on my appearance.

Next week, I will discuss the 10-item wardrobe concept more in depth and how you can incorporate it into your closet.

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