Culling your closet

Here are my 10 steps to a minimal and clean closet. I'm a systems person and I believe even the process needs to be organized when organizing something (wait, did that make sense?). What I'm trying to convey is that when starting a big project such as cleaning out your closet, it makes sense to have order in how you go about it. That way, if you get interrupted or the doorbell rings then you aren't left with a catastrophic mess on your hands. This list will keep you focused and on task. This really works, so don't be put off by the number of steps. Just dig in and see how far you can go. 

Step 1:  Remove. 
Remove all empty hangers. Place extra hangers in bag or box stored in your closet for when you need extras. 
Ideally, replace with new hangers that are uniform in color and size with non-slip coating; these can be ordered online or can be found in your local fabric store. 

Step 2:  Two bags: consign and donate. 
You are a grown woman. You do not need clothing with stains and holes. Put them in in the donate bag. If you haven't patched the hole by now, you never will. Move on. 

Step 3:  Sort.
Take all the clothing out of your closet and lay it in stacks of tops, bottoms, jackets and so on. 

Step 4:  Discard. 
Pull from clothing stacks the items that don't fit, aren't flattering, or aren't in your color palette (see "Know your colors" post) and place in your consign or donate bags. 

Step 5: Construct outfits. 
Put together outfits from your categories of clothing that fits, is hole-free, and in your color palette. Record the outfits in a place that is accessible for you. I like paper so mine are recorded in my notebook. You may prefer to have it listed in your phone or posted in your closet. 

Step 6: Start your wardrobe plan
Make a list of the missing pieces for your capsule wardrobe. Consider listing items that you will need not only for this season, but for the rest of the year. Pinterest and magazines serve as great resources for outfit ideas. 

Consider your "seasonal things" and whether they can do double or triple duty in your closet by layering or adding a jacket to create multiple looks throughout the seasons. The goal is minimal clothing stored and to shop according to your colors not the weather. If you have to have clothing stored, it should be maternity, bathing suits, and heavy sweaters.

Step 7:  Return. 
Hang the clothing back in your closet first according to category: bottoms, shorts, tops, jackets, coats, and dresses. Next put them in order of color within their category. 

Step 8:   Post a copy of wardrobe plan in your closet and put a copy in your purse. 

Step 9:  Load.
Place consign and donate bags in your car for delivery the next day. 

Step 10:  Go shopping.
Take your wardrobe plan and list of needed items with you along with your color palette choices. 


- Use clear boxes for accessories and shoes. I prefer for my shoes to be hanging in a shoe organizer. 

- Keep the floor space empty because it is the first place to get cluttered. Shoes are stored neatly on shelves or in an organizer and clothing is hung back up when it is removed.

Next week, you will see how I have organized my closet and learn about my own capsule wardrobe. Happy organizing!