Preview of my closet

Today, I'm giving you a snapshot of my closet. Since my post on the 10-item wardrobe, I have had many inquiries regarding my personal wardrobe and how it is organized.

In the summer of 2012, we started the process of building a home that culminated in a move that took place three days before Christmas (crazy, I know!). One of the many perks of new construction is our master walk-in closet. It's by the far the largest closet I have ever had. Each night, I take advantage of it's size to lay my clothing out on the floor to make dressing each morning quick and easy.

I'm one of those people who likes lots of open, white space. I don't like things crammed, smooshed, cluttered or wedged in between each other. I purposely took the small hanging shelf in our closet and gave my husband the bigger double shelves. Having a small space forces me to maintain a capsule wardrobe and to think carefully before adding a new piece to it. Plus, I love boundaries and knowing that I'm restricted just to that space, even if it is self-imposed. :)

Here's the breakdown of my capsule wardrobe:
1 pant
2 jeans
3 blazers
5 blouses
2 sweaters
2 shorts
1 bathing suit
4 dresses

I mix and match everything in my closet. My accessories are stored in the clear box above my hanging clothes. A couple of sun hats are in the hat box and my beach bag to the right holds gifts when not used for it's intended purpose.

So have you adopted the capsule wardrobe yet? I would love to know!