How to become a minimalist

If you are attracted to this idea of living with less, intentionality with purchases and disengaging from "the Joneses", then maybe this whole minimalist thing is for you too. I've bought in hook, line and sinker and now I'm wondering who else wants to travel this journey with me. If that's you, then come aboard. We will be discussing how to do it and how to maintain it.

When I first started researching minimalism, there was one word that resounded with me and was echoed in all the books I read: less. This word is the starting point for any minimalist journey. We have to de-clutter and live with less (only the things you need). We have to purge, purge, and then purge some more. Any of my clients can attest to the fact, that I love to give away their stuff. I love to bless someone and at the same time create peace and order in my home. I call that a win-win.

But in order to maintain the new found freedom in our homes and lives, we have to change perspective. It isn't enough to just empty out and re-organize; there has to be a life change. Shopping habits must change and shopping with a purpose must come into play. We no longer shop as a past time to bring us happiness but we allow experiences, love, laughter, family, and faith to fill that void.

Before I make a purchase, I ask myself these questions:

1. Do I need this? Or, do I have something just like it at home? (Since my house is de-cluttered, I know my inventory)

2. Where will I put this? Where is its home?

Here is a practical tip for maintaining after the purge: use the one in/one out method. For every item purchased, I remove something from my home. For each pair of shoes I buy, I donate an existing pair. This helps in maintaining my capsule wardrobe.

Next week, I'm starting a series on how to de-clutter the four major areas in our homes and will be sharing details of how I implement peace and order in my home.

Are any of you new to minimalism?