Simplifying your home thus your life - part 1. the guest bath

The process of de-cluttering and simplifying your home makes an impact on your happiness, your weight, your relationships, your stress level and the overall ambiance of your home. When my clients profess to wanting a simpler lifestyle this is where we start. This series is a practical how-to guide in de-cluttering the four major areas of our homes.

One of the ways to ensure that I stay motivated and don't burn out de-cluttering is to do a little bit each day. Pick one drawer or cabinet and work for 15 minutes a day.  I set the timer on my microwave, which I can hear from any room in my home, and when it dings, I quit. If I'm really on a roll and there aren't little ones at my feet, then I keep going. By chipping away at it daily, I  have success by the end of the week.

General de-cluttering tips:
- Start with the smallest room in the house so you can see immediate progress.
- Use a timer and set it for 15 minutes each day.
- Set up 4 trash bags or boxes:  
A. trash
B. put away (items that don't belong in the room/drawer/cupboard and need to find a new home)
C. donate (towels that you don't use or unopened shampoos)
D. sell (not my favorite box because most people don't get around to selling it and it becomes clutter again. Use this box only if necessary.)

the guest bath:
1. Take everything out from under the sink and inside of the linen closet, if you have one. Wipe down the cabinets and drawers inside and out.

2. What can you pare down? Ideally, you only need two sets of towels per person in your house and two sets of sheets per bed. Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet to make for a cleaner look in your closet? In my home, we have one beach towel per person. We hold onto a couple of extra old bath towels for muddy feet or to clean up a spill.

3. We store our medications and travel supplies in clear boxes inside the linen closet of our guest bath. I cull the contents of both regularly looking for expired medications and anything that we don't or probably won't use including those tiny shampoos from hotels. You will always choose your brand of shampoo over the one provided at your hotel so remember that next time you travel and are tempted to bring back the freebies.

Next week, we are de-cluttering the kitchen and pantry.

Do you have any de-cluttering tips to share?