My go-to outfit

In this busy day and age of hectic everything and frenzied paces, it's easy to get discombobulated and find yourself running errands and picking up a gallon of milk in your not-so-finest threads. By this I mean, yoga pants and your husband's college t-shirt that has the hole in the armpit and stains from the last time you got into the chalkboard paint. That's why it's important to have a uniform of sorts - your stand in outfit when you need to get dressed quickly, look presentable and still be comfortable. This requires identifying your style, your colors and coordinating something from your wardrobe that is quick and fits the bill.

Recently, a subscriber to The Chic Planner asked me what my go-to outfit is for casual wear. My "uniform" is a blazer, blouse, skinny jeans and ballet flats. It fits my classic, chic style. It's comfortable, and it's just as easy to throw on as it is an old pair of sweats.

I think as a society we have gotten away from looking our best in public places. We dress in whatever is comfortable and clean or not so clean (some of us fish things out of the dirty laundry basket) and I'm feeling a call to take that back and to put my best foot forward. We are all going to have days when the stomach bug hits and everyone looks a mess including the dog, but that's the exception.

What is your go-to outfit?