Simplifying your home thus your life - part 3. master bedroom & bath

In the last two weeks, we have de-cluttered our guest bathroom, pantry and kitchens. Today, we are going to take back our bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are interested in organizing your master closet, you can read this post I wrote a few weeks ago.

One thing to keep in mind as you continue the process of simplifying your home: this is your journey, not someone else's. It is not your job to convince all humans (small children are the exception because they have to do what you say, or at least we wish they would!) living in your household that they need to de-clutter. If you want to share what you're doing with your spouse, then great. They may be enthusiastic and jump right in, helping you toss stuff. But if they aren't, that's okay, too. This is your journey and I can tell you from experience that you set the tone for your home. The influence of what you're doing will rub off and eventually everyone will grab hold to this new way of living. It's because minimalism and detaching from things makes everyone feel good. My husband wasn't a minimalist when I met him, but I can honestly say, he is now. He maintains a capsule wardrobe and carefully considers every purchase he makes.

Remembering the tips that I posted on de-cluttering, let's start with the master bedroom.

master bedroom:
1. Put away any clothes lying on the floor, chairs or dresser. Put books in your nightstand or bookshelf. I don't have chairs or benches in my bedroom because they become clothing and clutter magnets. When you don't have a place to drop something, then you are more likely to hang it up or put it where it belongs. Is there any unnecessary furniture that can be removed?

2. Examine your nightstand. Are only the essentials gracing its surface? Alarm clock, cell phone, and lamp are just about the only necessities for sitting out. If you have the room for your favorite picture of a loved one, so be it. My bedroom is a very private place for me so I don't like to have pictures of other people in it. Let me say this in the most delicate manner I can, it doesn't encourage romance.

3. Don't let your bedroom become a dumping ground for toys. Right now, we have two huge boxes in our room that will be donated to a local charity after we finish de-cluttering our garage. Those boxes are about to drive me batty and they have some old baby toys in them that my kids keep pulling out. I keep looking at those things realizing what huge eye sores they are and how they are polluting my pristine, peaceful bedroom environment.

master bath:
1. Empty drawers and cabinets and clean them. If you have skincare products that have been opened for more than a year, toss them. Most opened products lose their potency after nine months. That set of hot rollers that you haven't used since the 90s - it's got to go.

2. Nail polish - if you haven't used a particular color in the past year or so, toss it. This is one area that as women, we tend to keep lots of old colors. Pick your favorite neutral, and one color polish for the fall, and one for the spring. Let the rest go.

3. Let's talk products for a minute. As women, we so often purchase a product and then find the next "miracle product" that will ensure an instant face lift without surgery, so we buy that product. All the while, these old skincare, haircare and make up items keep piling up in our drawers. We don't want to throw them out because they are practically brand new, we payed hard earned money for them, and there is still plenty of product left in them. I'm here to tell you that it is okay to dump them. You aren't going to use them, because if you really loved them you would be using them now instead of letting them collect dust and grow bacteria. At some point, you have to admit that it was a waste of money and that you made a mistake. Don't keep punishing yourself for it by allowing it to take up valuable space in your home and become clutter.  Be free! (this goes for all items in your home, especially clothing)

Next week, we are de-cluttering the living room.

What item/s are you evicting from your bedroom or bathroom this week?