A summer look

photo courtesy of J.Crew

It's hot here in the South. My skin feels like it is going to slide right off along with the make-up I applied this morning. Remembering this key concept, has proved helpful when choosing my summer look. That's why I love the make-up look in the photo above; it inspires me to go with the more is less look this summer. I want fresh, young and dewy (not to be confused with oily). I'm sharing with you my keys to a summery, fresh look.

- Pick a light cleanser (my fav) to completely remove your make-up before bed. I have heard that some of you don't do this. This is not going to work. Let's just agree that from now on, if nothing else, you will commit to this one simple step in your bedtime routine. It will save your face and prevent break-outs. In order to sport the fresh look, your skin needs to not be wearing remnants of yesterday's face.

Here's how I create my summer look:

- Pick a great lightweight moisturizer with SPF.  Apply all over your face to maximize protection from the sun.

- Consider applying foundation only to the areas that have pigmentation.

- Lightly dot concealer under the eyes (only on the dark area - putting concealer under the entire eye will cover the lighter area and accentuate wrinkles), and over any areas that have discoloration.

- Use a creme blush (I use my lip gloss) on the apples of your cheeks.

- Dust a little setting powder over your nose or T-zone.

- Apply waterproof eyeliner on the top eyelids only and mascara on top and bottom.

- Finish with some lip gloss.

Not only are you done in 5 minutes but you look pulled together and fitting for the season.

What is your summer make-up look?