Opting out of mail lists

In the past few weeks, I have been vigorously removing my name from various email lists, targeted junk mail, and solicitations. My family is working on a specific financial goal and we have decided to curb our spending as much as possible in order to meet that goal. We have a plan in place and we are purposing to stick to it.

That said, when I consistently receive coupons, sales promotions, and other ads in my inbox every day, it keeps me in a spending mode, not a saving mode. So, I have been removing my name from all the various sites that send me advertising coupons that I can purchase for restaurants, vacations, and the like. I subscribed to my favorite stores where I like to buy clothing, but if for instance, I'm not purchasing clothing in this season of my life, then it's probably not helpful to keep receiving their ads. By eliminating this visual clutter from my inbox, I have found that I'm able to focus more on the e-mails that need to be answered and dealt with without having to navigate amongst the chaos of promotional e-mails.

Here are the benefits of opting out of mail lists, whether e-mail or snail mail:
- Less paper to handle and file
- Decreases desire to shop
- Saves money
- Breeds contentment with what you already own

For me, the benefits far outweigh the possibility that I might be missing out on a good deal or coupon. The truth is, it's only a good deal, if you have the money to buy it.

What are your tips for simplifying your (e)mail?