A sample of my go-to meal

In my life, it makes things easier when I utilize a go-to meal. This is a uniform of sorts, much like the capsule wardrobe, except that it's food. Just as a few key pieces in your closet make life easier, so does the quintessential meal that's perfect for entertaining or for delivering to a new mom.

In my world, having people over for dinner usually involves our children and their children which means baked salmon over polenta is not going to fly with these inexperienced palates. So, I always rely on my go-to meal. It caters to just about every taste and always gets rave reviews.

Here's my go-to meal:
Baked Ziti
Fresh green salad
Garlic bread
Chocolate cake

This meal is not for the faint of heart or anyone counting calories. But, when I have company over or when a friend has a baby, it's a time to celebrate and enjoy good food. I'm not concerned about my unhealthy choice especially when I'm enjoying leftover chocolate cake the next morning for breakfast (the key is to do this before everyone else gets up).

Since this is my delivery meal for new moms, I have found that I can even split my recipe and deliver it to two small families. One time, I had two moms to deliver to in one week, so I just portioned the Ziti out into 8x8 pans (my recipe makes a 9x13 casserole), and the cake was cut into individual portions and dished into pans as well; it worked out perfectly.

Cost breakdown:
The cost of this meal is something else that I adore.  I once fed a group of 12 women this meal and it only cost me around $16. Since, it's cheaper than take-out (and I personally believe it tastes better) then I will continue making it till all my friends are tired of it and want new recipes. :)

What is your go-to meal?