Book clutter

Just as we discussed last week how fewer, quality toys can impact your child's creative play, this week I want to discuss how fewer books and quality literature can impact not only your living space but your child's imagination as well.

After I de-cluttered my children's toys, I went after their books as well. If I'm the one reading these books to them then I determined that I wanted to be able to enjoy them as well. So, I donated books that I didn't like or agree with for personal or moral reasons, and then kept the ones that we love the most in a small bin next to our favorite reading spot. I put the rest of the books away except for about 5 chosen ones to be used as our book library. We recycle them in and out of the closet so that our book bin doesn't get overwhelmed with books and so my children don't get overwhelmed with too many choices. An abundance of choice is what Americans are faced with every day and honestly, I'm not so sure that it is all that good for us. I tend to get overwhelmed when I go to a restaurant and the server presents me with a 10 page menu. The same thing happens for children. An abundance of stuff can be stressful for all persons no matter the age. When we reserve a few cherished books set out for our kids to read and learn from, they become committed to memory and heart. Thus, every time we pick them up to read from, it's like being re-united with an old friend.

Here are some of our favorites:
- Goodnight Moon
- Llama Llama Time to Share
- The Little Engine that Could
- Jesus Storybook Bible

What is your favorite piece of quality, children's literature?