Planning your child's wardrobe

Just as it's important to be strategic with my wardrobe, I find it saves time and money when I apply this to my children's clothing as well. Learning how many shoes, socks, pants, tops, jackets, etc. are needed for each child makes a difference in how and when I shop. It's helpful to pay attention to this number because it gives me confidence knowing that I always have something appropriate for each child to wear no matter the occasion or the temperature outside.

Here are a few examples of my numbers:
1 sweater cardigan per child/ per season (fall, spring)
2-3 dressy outfits per child/per season (fall, winter, spring, summer)
1 pair of dress shoes per child
1 pair of knee socks per child
6 pairs of regular socks per child

Since the Alabama climate is somewhat temperate, I have found that depending on an item's fit and the child's growth in a given year, I can stretch a clothing item over several seasons or for an entire year. I've been able to do this recently with cardigan sweaters. I bought them big enough that the sleeves could be rolled up once and then a year later, we unrolled the sleeves and the fit of the sweater was still long enough to be worn this fall and winter for my 3 year old.

I have little boys so we spend most of our time in play/casual clothing. I have learned that one set of socks (they come in 3s) isn't enough for how dirty my boys like to get. So I buy two packages at a time for each little one when we purchase new shoes. Since the boys dress up usually once a week, I discovered that I only needed one pair of knee socks and dress shoes for each child. They don't get them very dirty since we change out of our dress clothes when we get home from church, and I wash them in a load of the boys' laundry each week.

These aren't hard and fast rules that one has to stick by, but they are a guide to make life simpler and easier when dressing children. Knowing that my boys only need that one cardigan a piece makes shopping less stressful for me because once I find one, I purchase it and mark it off my children's wardrobe plan.

How do you know when you have enough clothing for your children?