A detailed plan of my child's wardrobe

Since last week's post, where I wrote about how I plan my children's clothing, Chic Planner readers have inquired about my exact numbers and what my list actually looks like. As I mentioned last week, I like to use numbers as a guide. It helps me to remember what I really need versus what would be nice or is a luxury. Regarding clothing for children and really any items in my home, I like to err on the side of just enough so I can see how much I can get by with. I’m always trying to figure out a way to live with fewer items in our house.

I’m not sure about the children you know, but the children I’m familiar with can be completely covered in mud in literally a minute, thus requiring multiple wardrobe changes over the course of one day. So, I start with the minimal number needed of an item and if I find it's not enough then I can always purchase more.

So here are my numbers that I have projected for the fall/winter seasons for one child. This list is for my oldest child and there are a number of items that still fit from last year - bonus! I've also noted in brackets how I plan to purchase items still needed.

Current wardrobe:
knee socks (see dress shoes below)
sweatshirt hoodie
sweater cardigan (still fits from last fall)
3 pairs pants
4 long sleeve tops
dress shoes (purchased from an FB trading site in the spring. Paid $10 for them, bought some white shoe polish and they are as good as new. The sweet girl that I bought them from even threw in 2 pairs of knee socks in different sizes. Sweet!)
winter coat * - received as a hand-me-down the most precious little pea coat from a friend. Not sure if it will still fit by February, one of our coldest months in Alabama, so I’m keeping it on my need to purchase list just in case.

Need to purchase:
winter coat (requesting as Christmas gift from grandparents. It's the south folks, sometimes we are in short sleeves on Christmas day)
4 footed PJs (probably Wal-Mart or the thrift store)
2 sets socks (will purchase new from local children's shoe store)
2 pairs Keds
3 dress outfits (plan to purchase at thrift store and from friends on trading sites)
4 pairs of pants
3 long sleeve tops

As you can see, I still have a number of items to purchase but I am attempting to live with less, because as I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have cut several categories out of our budget. This means I’m not really looking to purchase everything on my need list but instead I’m making do with what we have. My children are for sure sporting the capsule wardrobe this fall and winter. :)

I also like to record any purchases on a separate page in my notebook so that I can keep track of how much I spent on each item in case I decide to consign it next season, and so there is a record of how much we're spending on our children's clothing. It's important to know that when figuring out one's shopping budget each month or year.

There you have it, my detailed list of clothing for my older child. It’s not fancy but it’s simple and it didn’t break the bank. J

What are your plans for outfitting your children for the fall and winter seasons?