Organizing the kids' closet

I maintain a capsule wardrobe for my children so I want their closet to be clutter free just like mine. My boys share a room, which I absolutely love, so it's important that I have a system for keeping their clothing separate and organized.

Currently, I have little coats and sweaters along with dress outfits hanging. On the second floor of our changing table which is stored in their closet (another thing I love) I have three blue bins that store their every day play clothing and their jammies. I have one bin that holds all the jammies for both boys; my boys are pretty different in size, so it isn't confusing when grabbing a pair whose is whose. The jammies bin is always to the very far left of the bins. It's not labeled, but everyone knows where it is including the boys and our babysitters. The bin in the middle belongs to my youngest son and currently holds little shirts and shorts and his socks. The bin to the far right belongs to my oldest son and has shorts, jeans, and short sleeve shirts in it. Since we are transitioning out of summer and into fall, the bins will get sorted again, long sleeve shirts will replace short sleeves and shorts will be put in storage. 

I have two plastic tubs stacked on top of each other that hold baby items and out of season clothing and shoes. I prefer to always use clear plastic containers but I think these were re-purposed from holding Christmas decorations at one point, so I just used what I had on hand. 

I would love to know: what tips do you have on organizing children's closets?