Finding free space

I've been thinking this week about free space. It all started because out of sheer desperation for a break, we removed our table with lamp from our living room. This is our only table and lamp mind you, but we were constantly pulling our toddler away from it and since he is one of the most persistent children that I have personally ever met, I decided to just give up the battle and store it in my husband's office/guest room for the time being. And now all I can think about is this awesome free space. This whole corner of our house that is no longer taken up by an object is now just a blank canvas. And to be honest, it ministers to me. All that free space somehow just soothes my soul in a way. My mind is so visually stimulated by stuff, objects, items... that when I remove them, it ushers in peace to my soul.

Since moving into our home, Steve will remark during my de-cluttering rampages, why don't we just store it? We have all this available storage "free space" so why not use it? To which I reply, just because we have the "free space", doesn't mean that we need to fill it. But we do that so often in our lives. Not only with things, but with our time and activities. Lately, I have been re-prioritizing in my life and looking for ways to cut back. I'm one of those people who if given the chance, will jam pack our days with lunches, appointments, errands, things to do... and if I'm not careful, I become burnt out. So I'm looking for that free space. And since I know it doesn't just happen, I have to physically remove something in order to create it, I'm examining my schedule to see what areas do I need to remove so that I can bring some order and peace into my life.

For some, it may be removing one extra box of Christmas decorations this year, for others it could mean taking the extra time over the holidays to finally clear out that garage that's been looming over you, or for some it might mean removing some appointments from your calendar this season. Whatever it looks like for you, I encourage you to create the free space. It will feel good when you do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fabulous Chic Planner subscribers. I would love to hear, where do you need to create free space this season?