How I'm reducing waste this week

A few weeks ago, I wrote about reducing our waste inspired by Bea Johnson. After a few weeks of focused thought on ways and areas in our home that could be further reduced, I'm listing what I have observed. I do have some friends that are concerned that I'm becoming a little too "crunchy." If you could see me in my designer skinny jeans and leopard print ballet flats, then I think we could all agree I'm not anywhere close to that.

This stewardship mindset that has continued to evolve in me started with minimizing and simplifying my things and my life. The rewards of this however not only benefit me and my peace of mind but there are considerable sustainable rewards to our environment as well. And I will be the first to admit that I never connected the two when I started, but I for sure see their relation now. When we stop buying clutter and start looking for ways to be happier with less or with what we currently own, then we are choosing to reduce our waste and the earth's resources. Bea Johnson frequently quotes on her blog that shopping is voting. I like that.

As with any new mindset and habit you adopt, it's best to start small and work in small chunks of time. For example, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when de-cluttering, so many times I advise my clients to work only for 15 minutes a day on each room so as not to burn out. Since I have been considering the ways that our home could become closer to zero-waste, I am focusing on areas of the home one at a time to incorporate my strategies so that I don't become overwhelmed. All of a sudden my eyes have become opened to how much trash and waste that my family generates a week and I'm not very proud of it. So here are my small discoveries. I've been focusing on the bathroom to start my process.

- I have realized that by using multiple hair products on my fine hair, that the products aren't helping and possibly weighing my hair down more. So I have ditched 3 products and am only using hairspray.
- Replaced toothpaste with baking soda which is a green cleaner as well.
- I threw out some old jewelry cleaner and won't be purchasing anymore. I only need an scrubber brush and some baking soda to clean my diamond jewelry or mild soap.
- Instead of buying refill hand soap that comes in a plastic container, I'm using a bar soap from the farmer's market that doesn't come with any wrapping and have switched to castile soap which has lots of cleaning uses.
- I threw out all of my nail varnishes. They are old and stinky. I'm not planning to replace at this time which means no nail polish on my hands or toes.
- I found some old plastic clips and headbands that I'm donating to the thrift store.
- Got rid of my old nail file and using a stainless one instead that I already own.
- Consolidated stainless steel grooming equipment down to only the essentials. Between my husband and I, there were several duplicate tweezers and fingernail clippers. We only need one pair.

This is a small list to just get us started but it has been fun to focus on the bathroom the past few weeks, mulling over in my mind ways to reduce waste in that room. In the meantime, my husband started a composting bin and plans to write about his experience with that in the coming weeks.

Have you been intrigued about the concept of zero waste? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.