More purple than I expected

(I’m back from my hiatus. :) This is a guest post from my kind and patient husband, Steve.)

To the spouses out there that don’t get this whole minimalism/zero waste thing, I understand. It’s been a journey for me, too. I was really excited when Laura Gail started her business because I knew it would be an outlet for her, and I would hopefully have fewer conversations beginning with questions like “are you sure you need two combs in your toiletry basket?”

When it comes to running our household, we come at it from different priorities. I don’t like to buy things we don’t need, but I really don’t like getting rid of things we ended up needing later (spoiler alert: this almost never happens). I want to be mindful of the environment, but if our budget depended on it, I’m prepared to pass out chainsaws to cut down the rainforest. I’ve illustrated that in the following graphic; some of her top household priorities in the pink circle and mine in the blue. I threatened all week to include a Venn-diagram in this post and I’m not about to back down now!

These two circles overlap to form the “purple” section. In following our priorities and keeping an open mind (happy wife, happy life), I’ve been surprised that at the end of the day, there’s a lot more purple than I expected. Her desire to have less stuff and clutter in our house leads to more analysis prior to making purchases – which in turn ensures that we get good use out of the things we buy. What’s good for the environment can be good for the wallet. A recent example is that we just started composting our table scraps, vegetable/fruit peels, etc. Great for the environment, but it’s also going to produce some great (free) soil enrichment to help us grow better vegetables next year in our garden (that I won’t have to buy at the grocery store).

If you’re the one dragging your feet on this minimalist journey, keep an open mind. You may be surprised to find more in it for you than you thought. If your spouse won’t get on board, keep nagging all the time. Just kidding; be patient and take time to understand what your spouse’s priorities are and you’ll be better equipped to make your own Venn-diagram. There may be more purple than you expect.