What to do after Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, we are packing our decorations into storage for another year. But before I pack everything up, I'm carefully examining each item. Are there items that I didn't put out for Christmas this year still sitting in our storage bins? Is it because I don't like them anymore? Or has my style changed or my sense of decorating? These are all questions I'm asking myself so that I don't continue to store items that I don't find useful, beautiful or that I don't absolutely love.

I urge you to ask yourself similar questions this week. As you gather your holiday belongings into your storage containers, is there something in there that you don't fancy anymore and could it possibly make someone you know happy? Maybe you have a friend who has always admired your Christmas village but you don't like setting it up anymore or maybe you prefer a different village that you already own. Why not consider blessing your friend this season and removing the burden of one more item to store and take care of for yourself?

Since I'm very sensitive to passing my stuff on to other people and it becoming clutter for them, I generally just donate everything to my local thrift store. That way, people can decide if it's something they want to purchase without any guilt offerings from me. :)

Years ago, when my husband and I were going through leaner times, it was such a joy to find items that I needed and truly wanted at such stores for such an affordable price. Now, I like to bless people with that same experience as I had. Not to mention, most thrift stores use their proceeds for worthwhile charities.

We currently have two large storage boxes for our Christmas decorations. It's my personal goal to get everything condensed down into one box (the thought of only one box of decorations makes me happy). But, this has not happened yet. We have a rather large faux wreath that would be completely smooshed if we tried to fit it in one box with a tree stand, ornaments and lights for the tree. Maybe one year I will donate it and start purchasing fresh pine wreaths for the door. I think the scent of pine would be so welcoming to our guests.

Next week, I will start a Q&A series for the month of January. So send in your questions via email or post below in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Any of my fellow Chic Planner readers donating some of your holiday decor now that the season is passed?