Capsule wardrobe for the winter

We have had some wintry days here in Alabama and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. I'm a beach baby, so the warmer the weather the happier I am. But I'm not going to get the cold winter blues just yet. One way to stay ahead of the game in this season is to already have your capsule wardrobe picked out and easy to access when you get up from that warm, snuggly bed in the morning.

Here's a peek at my capsule pants wardrobe this winter. But be warned, it's very minimal. :)

From left to right, these are the pants for the season. A pair of black leggings - they truly go with everything and will take me into the spring; dark denim skinny jeans; long bootcut jeans to wear with high heels; black pants; and teal blue ankle length jeans that can be worn with flats or boots.

Our weather can be temperamental in Alabama so I do a lot of ankle length jeans that can be worn with flats but are also skinny enough to wear with boots and a big, comfy sweater. This is one way that I can make items in my closet do double duty and stretch throughout the seasons.

One thing that I love about my items so far is the minimal investment I made. I only purchased the leggings this season and happened to get a great price on them; the price tag wasn't on them and the sales person just made up a number. LOL! The skinny jeans I have had for two seasons now. The bootcut jeans were hand me downs from a friend, and not only are they designer jeans in perfect condition, but they are the perfect fit. By just spending $10 to get them hemmed, I had a new pair of jeans for my capsule wardrobe. The black pants will probably be the next item that I replace. The teal blue jeans were a birthday present. All in all, I spent less than $30 on pants for the winter season. Not too bad for a gal on a budget. :)

Are you sporting a capsule wardrobe this winter? What's your favorite item in your capsule wardrobe?