How routines rescue my morning

To say that my morning would be chaos without a routine is an understatement. My morning routines not only start my morning off but they give me a sense of accomplishment when I'm not sure what the rest of my day will look like - at least I can know I did do something. Routines can be flexible and can be adjusted when needed. But for candidness sake, I thought I would share what I do every morning. Here's my caveat, there are days when there is a sick child or a sick me. There are days when something just happens that is beyond my control so on those days then I don't worry so much about the routine. Things happen so I have to be flexible. But more often than not, that's the exception and not the rule and the routines are my compass for the day pointing me in the right direction.

Here's my current routine: (some of the times are estimates)

5 a.m. - wake up. make bed. spend time studying the bible and in prayer - I can say that this part is the most crucial part of my day to make sure that I am calm before the storm. :)

6:30 a.m. - get dressed. do 5-minute face. fix hair.

6:50 a.m. - start laundry load. swish and swipe my bathroom. swish and swipe the guest bathroom.

7 a.m. - get boys up. change diapers and dress. breakfast.

I will also add that at 10 minutes till 7, my husband is emptying the dishwasher, fixing milk for the boys and getting breakfast started. This helps so much in keeping the morning running smoothly and by doing that, we are done with breakfast and dishes cleaned by the time my husband checks in for work at 8 (he works from home).

I try to go three days without washing my hair because ain't nobody got time for that every day. Usually by the third day, it's starting to look a little iffy, so a ponytail might be necessary. On the days that I do take a shower in the morning, it can push our schedule a little later because it takes so long to dry my hair; it's pretty long right now.

By utilizing the 5-minute face routine, I look presentable and pulled together but not like I overdid it or tried too hard. A heavily made up face in daytime can be a distraction. Sometimes, I have a hard time focusing on what someone is saying if I can't stop staring at their make-up. More make-up during the day is just that, more make-up. Less is more when it comes to daytime but something is definitely better than nothing. :)

Doing a load of laundry every day is necessary when maintaining capsule wardrobes. I wear my clothing several times before I wash it, but since I have all boys in my home, many times they cannot. Having a daily laundry habit ensures there is always something nice to wear since we make sure that we only keep items that fit, are in good shape and that we love.

I would love to know, is there a routine or one thing that you would like to implement in the mornings? Do you already use a morning routine - what does it look like for you?