De-cluttering make-up brushes

Today I'm writing about some items that I'm de-cluttering in my home and why. I think sometimes we just need another perspective on how we can live without an item and why we don't need yet another thing busting out of our cabinets and closets.

This week, I'm getting rid of 11 (yes, I know it's ridiculous) extra make-up brushes that I have had for years. The truth is I have my favorites that I always use and these were just on standby in my bathroom cabinet in case I ever needed them for, oh I don't know, some fancy gala that I plan to go to and I want to really perfect my make-up. Okay, so let's dissect that for a second.

a. I don't go to galas anymore. I go to the park, date nights (movie and Mexican) and baby showers.

b. If I do at any point get the opportunity to put on a ball gown and get dressed up for a night on the town, then I'm probably going to make the most of the experience and get my make-up done by a professional.

c. Because of a. and b., I decided that's it's time to let go of those brushes and the what ifs.

I mean if I ever really decide that I need a specific make-up brush for something then I can just go buy one. For the past few years, I haven't used any brushes that are in this make-up bag. So then why am I holding onto them? Out they go.

A teenager getting interested in make-up or maybe a new mom who wants to re-invent herself or freshen up her look can obtain my old brushes at my local thrift store for pennies on the dollar. It's just a shame for me to hold onto things when it could be the very item that someone else has been looking for.

So here are my current brushes that I'm keeping in my make-up bag.
1. Blush brush - doubles as a powder brush. I haven't been using powder lately - going for a more dewy, natural look. I mostly use cream blush so I may be able to do away completely with this brush soon. Which, as you probably know makes me happy. The less stuff, the happier I become and I'm a fan of anything that I can apply with my fingertips.

2. Eyeshadow brush that can also be used to apply highlighter on my face. Right now I'm using my fingertips for applying highlighter so I typically only use this for eyeshadow, but it can do double-duty when needed. I generally only wear eyeshadow at night or for special occasions.

3. Eyebrow brush and honestly the eyebrow brush could potentially be used as eyeliner brush but I just haven't tried it yet.

So that's it. That's my make-up arsenal. Not fancy but certainly functional and minimalist. Just the way I like it. I like to fit all my toiletries and cosmetics into a small bag in case I need to quickly jet to the city (which almost never happens) or hop a plane to Paris. You know in case my husband invites me on a spontaneous getaway to Europe, I can grab my one make-up bag quickly. Hey, one can dream right? :)