Simple is the answer

I often work with clients who have trouble with depression and anxiety. Add to that someone coming in their house and going through their things and it's enough to send anyone into a frenzy. So this is why I advise clients who are struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious, to simplify. Removing the burden of choices from your life will in essence remove anxiety. It sounds stupidly simple but the truth is, it works.

For instance, I was recently working through a client's jewelry collection only to discover that she had many options or variations of almost the same earring. They looked so similar that really she just needed to pick her favorite pair and toss the rest. When someone is struggling in depression and is just surviving day to day, the last thing that person needs is to be burdened by options. Pick the simple earrings: your favorite ones. Your go-to pair. Maybe it's the diamond studs or that favorite pair of gold hoops. In this case, for someone who needs room to breathe in their life, I recommend coming up with a comfortable number for your jewelry. A capsule jewelry collection perhaps. Pick 5 classic earrings and donate the rest. Here's an example:
1. pearl studs
2. diamond studs
3. silver or gold hoops
4. a funky earring (either in color or style)
5. dressy earring (something appropriate for cocktail attire)

All 5 are excellent choices and would for sure work with any number of outfits. I feel like you can't go wrong with these classic pieces.

Let's not make life harder than it is. We all go through tough times and tough seasons. Give yourself a break and treat yourself to simple. Simple everything!