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A capsule lipstick collection

Since becoming a minimalist, I've simplified and paired down everything in my life from activities, kitchen gadgets, clothes to routines even. When I finally narrowed down my make-up bag it was as if a white light from Heaven was shining down. Years ago, one peek in my bathroom revealed the entire contents of the Chanel and MAC make-up counters. Not so now. I was a make-up junkie then, always looking for the next and greatest product, but never fully using up what I owned, and never throwing them away. Thus, an enormous collection of eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners.... you name it, reigned supreme in my boudoir.

But I'm a simple girl now and a simple girl needs a simple lip. I need a go-to collection that is hand-picked for me: streamlined and confident. And I believe I may have found the perfect mix.

1. a red lip ~ Rimmel Stay Glossy in Red Carpet Glam
2. a pink-coral lip ~ Milani in Coral Crush
3. a pale pink (neutral) lip ~ Maybelline Elixir in Petal Plush

Ahhhh the trifecta of lip glosses. Everything is encompassed for me in those 3 colors. The bold blue-red when I want to make a statement or be French. :) The pink-coral color makes my green eyes pop and the pale pink goes with everything and is perfect for when I want a minimal or more natural make-up look.

To take this thing to the next level, I'm using (gasp) drugstore brands. Can I get an "amen" somebody? I've used lip glosses that costs upwards of $40 all the way down to $3 and I can tell you that there is not a difference in the one. I do my research but the truth is gloss is gloss is gloss. It's not meant to stay on forever. It's not a lip stain so I don't expect it to act like one.

My lip color collection is perfect for me and suits my minimal make-up bag. Just one color wasn't enough for me but 10 was too much. Three is my number.

Call a friend.

I recently worked with a client who didn't want to have people over to her home because she was embarrassed by the mess and the stuff everywhere. She had inherited and collected many things but she didn't have a home for them and they were in different piles all over her house. Maybe you can identify with her. I think we all long to be known for being hospitable, for opening our home to others and it serving as a place of peace and refreshment for all weary souls that enter its dwelling.

But how can we do this when our guests have to step over piles just to reach the powder room? The prescription is a good and hearty purge session. This is what my dear friend needed the most, and while she knew what she should do, she was having a hard time getting it done herself. Sometimes in life, we need someone to just hold our hand and walk a little distance with us on our journey. Life is easier in pairs.

Maybe you can't afford a professional to help you. That's okay. All you really need is a friend. Find someone who loves you and will hold your hand for just three hours. That is a great place to start. This friend will help you get the ball rolling and once you see the dramatic difference, then you will be strong enough to face the rest on your own. Gather some big black trash bags and boxes. Arrange for a local pickup from a thrift store for later in the afternoon after your purge session. Then fix yourself a cup of tea, admire what you accomplished, and remember, this is the start of a whole new chapter in your life. An abundance of possibilities lay at your feet now.

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