A capsule lipstick collection

Since becoming a minimalist, I've simplified and paired down everything in my life from activities, kitchen gadgets, clothes to routines even. When I finally narrowed down my make-up bag it was as if a white light from Heaven was shining down. Years ago, one peek in my bathroom revealed the entire contents of the Chanel and MAC make-up counters. Not so now. I was a make-up junkie then, always looking for the next and greatest product, but never fully using up what I owned, and never throwing them away. Thus, an enormous collection of eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners.... you name it, reigned supreme in my boudoir.

But I'm a simple girl now and a simple girl needs a simple lip. I need a go-to collection that is hand-picked for me: streamlined and confident. And I believe I may have found the perfect mix.

1. a red lip ~ Rimmel Stay Glossy in Red Carpet Glam
2. a pink-coral lip ~ Milani in Coral Crush
3. a pale pink (neutral) lip ~ Maybelline Elixir in Petal Plush

Ahhhh the trifecta of lip glosses. Everything is encompassed for me in those 3 colors. The bold blue-red when I want to make a statement or be French. :) The pink-coral color makes my green eyes pop and the pale pink goes with everything and is perfect for when I want a minimal or more natural make-up look.

To take this thing to the next level, I'm using (gasp) drugstore brands. Can I get an "amen" somebody? I've used lip glosses that costs upwards of $40 all the way down to $3 and I can tell you that there is not a difference in the one. I do my research but the truth is gloss is gloss is gloss. It's not meant to stay on forever. It's not a lip stain so I don't expect it to act like one.

My lip color collection is perfect for me and suits my minimal make-up bag. Just one color wasn't enough for me but 10 was too much. Three is my number.