Wearing my best colors.

Last season, I gave away my favorite navy and white blouse. It was worn out looking, and I could no longer wear it with confidence as a best quality item in my wardrobe. I wore it with black pants (I love navy with black), white jeans, dark denim, gray blazers and even denim shorts. Now that we are entering fall, I realize how much I miss that blouse. I think I've been mourning it. I even caught myself on the phone telling a friend about that blouse and how it needed to be retired yet I wished it was not so.

A few weeks ago, I felt led to re-read "Color Me Beautiful" (this book will change your life) to see if there were any tips that I might have missed in my past readings, and I came across this line, "navy blue is excellent on you, as is burgundy."

Ta-da! Revelation! That's why I was grieving. I looked in my closet and realized that was the only item I owned in navy. Navy is a best color for a Winter like me yet I didn't own anything else in navy besides my old blouse. So I figured my next step in the grief process was to come up with a replacement. My new purchase is quite different from my old faithful. Really the only thing they have in common is that they are both navy/white and don't have to be ironed (hand clap). But I feel better now having that item in my wardrobe that I can always throw on when I'm in doubt of my look and know that it will look fabulous on me.

I entered this fall/winter season thinking that I was going to build my wardrobe around black with lots of basics to mix and match. Basically, I planned to look like I was going to a funeral all the time. No ma'am! Navy is my best color and mixed with white - it's just plain nautical and that makes me oh so happy. This season I will be sporting lots of navy. Look for it. :)