I am an organizing & planning consultant. I love to help people streamline their wardrobes, closets, kitchens and their lives, basically. I don't organize clutter but help you discover the beautiful, useful things in your home and then help you to let go of the rest. 

Here are my services:
- Organize your closet to make your clothes fit within your space eliminating the need for closet expansion/remodel
- Help you form a capsule wardrobe
- Show you how to wear one item multiple ways making your clothing stretch over the seasons
- Teach you how to be strategic in shopping for clothing so that you don't waste money on items that don't work with your current wardrobe 
- Determine your color palette and the colors that look best against your face
- Develop a wardrobe plan and create a flow chart for your closet of multiple outfits

Remodeling a closet can get pricey. I can show you how to fit your wardrobe in your closet by maximizing your space using the capsule wardrobe concept and strategic wardrobe planning. 

Services offered for the Birmingham, Alabama area only.